Welcome to Vermont
"An absorbing look into the lives of several local refugee families and their mixed feelings about becoming Vermonters."
Margot Harrison, Film Critic
Seven Days
"A perfect way to culminate a study of immigration to use the film in grades four through twelve."
Lynne Woodard, Teacher Librarian
Rumney and Doty Memorial Schools, Middlesex and Worcester Vermont
"The film has impacted my students and will continue to impact them as they navigate their way into adulthood, their sense of what it means to be a "Vermonter" and a citizen has changed from the viewing experience."
Nissa Kauppila, Teacher
South Burlington High School
"Mira Niagolova explores, in a nondidactic manner, such issues as linguistic difficulties in the workplace and the different rates of assimilation within families' multiple generations. The four-part structure, in which each story maintains its own integrity, lends itself more readily to the classroom discussions for which the film is partly intended"
Ethan de Seife, Arts Writer
Seven Days
"A very powerful way for students to learn about the refugee experience that they can't get from a book. "
Carolyn Sawin, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
St Michael's College
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